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InfraChallenge 2021 is an innovation competition that showcases and amplifies solutions for building better, more resilient infrastructure and maintaining existing assets to enhance quality and resilience.

Learn more about the competition and answers to frequently asked questions below.

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03 Feb 2021

Application deadline

When do applications close for InfraChallenge 2021?

Applications are now closed. The deadline for applications was 11:59 PM AEDT (UTC/GMT +11 hours) on 12 March 2021.

03 Feb 2021

Important dates

What are the important dates for InfraChallenge 2021?

03 Feb 2021 - Applications open

03 March 2021 - Information Session: Why InfraChallenge matters for the infrastructure industry, government and applicants

12 Mar 2021 - Applications close at 11.59PM AEDT (UTC/GMT +11 hours) on 12 March 2021

April 2021 - Announcement of the Top 20; 6-week mentoring program begins

June 2021 - Announcement of the Top 10

Sept 2021 - Final event held, and winner announced

03 Feb 2021

Challenge statement

What types of solutions is the InfraChallenge competition seeking in 2021?

This year, we are again seeking specific types of solutions, as reflected in our 'challenge statement'.

The challenge statement for InfraChallenge 2021 calls for technology-based solutions to building better, more resilient infrastructure and maintaining existing assets to enhance quality and resilience.

03 Feb 2021


The purpose of InfraChallenge 2021 is to find technology-based solutions for better and more resilient infrastructure. How does the GI Hub define resilience?

For InfraChallenge 2021, the GI Hub is using the Rockefeller Foundation definition for 'holistic' resilience, namely "the ability of individuals, institutions, businesses, and systems within the community to survive, adapt, and grow despite the chronic stresses or acute shocks [they] experience. ‘Stresses’ and ‘shocks’ could stem from the rise of climate change, natural disasters and pandemics, or other sources. InfraChallenge 2021 seeks technology-based solutions for resilience, by this definition. 


03 Feb 2021


How will the InfraChallenge mentors help the Top 20 finalists?

The primary role of the mentors is to help the Top 20 teams develop and enhance their applications for further assessment by the InfraChallenge judges, ahead of the final competition phases.

03 Feb 2021

Evaluation criteria

What are the evaluation criteria for the InfraChallenge 2021 competition?

Assessment of your application will be based on the following:

  • Alignment – Alignment with the competition challenge statement and definition of 'resilience' (see separate FAQs on challenge statement and definition of resilience)
  • Value proposition – Your summary of why this technology should be implemented, including key resilience outcomes and who benefits
  • Scalability – The solution's target market and approximate market size
  • Implementation considerations – How easily your technology can be implemented
  • Benefits to end users – The economic, environmental and social benefits of your technology
  • Resources – How likely your solution will ultimately be to attract funding and other resources to deliver trials, demonstrations and implementation
  • Track record – Whether your product has been adopted by the market and proven in-situ (this is not a requirement, as per the technology readiness criteria below, but is a consideration)
  • Technology readiness – Technologies from post-R&D will be eligible (Technology Readiness Levels 3-8)
  • Unique selling point – The extent to which your solution is unique
  • Impact – The impact that winning InfraChallenge could have for your solution/team

03 Feb 2021

Technical solutions

My solution is highly specialised and complex. Will your judges be able to understand it?

Yes. Our evaluation team and judges come from a mix of backgrounds with years of industry experience to ensure we have the expertise required to evaluate each of the applications.

03 Feb 2021

Bringing ideas to market

Can competing in InfraChallenge help me bring my idea to market?

Yes. A purpose of InfraChallenge is for solutions to be exposed to an audience of infrastructure specialists from the public and private sector, academics, to incubators, to technology companies and many more. In addition, the funding package received by the winner is designed to help bring the solution to market at scale.

03 Feb 2021


What can I win?

The winner of InfraChallenge 2021 will receive:

  • AU$50,000 funding package to implement the solution at scale
  • Exposure to the G20’s Infrastructure Working Group (IWG) and Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs)
  • Ongoing support from the GI Hub
  • Exclusive access to infrastructure resources and networks
  • Global media coverage as the InfraChallenge 2021 winner

03 Feb 2021

Application process

Is it difficult to apply?

No. We have kept the application process very simple. There is a short application form that you will need to complete, and you will need to prepare a short presentation, short pitch video and executive summary. You will also need to agree with the Terms & Conditions of the competition.

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